Nothing too small

to defend your home against

PureDefense has the right formula to keep your property’s chances of attracting mosquitoes at its lowest. Our professionals will take the following mosquito reduction.


Inspection of the property to find conditions favorable to mosquito breeding.


Identifying the areas and mosquitoes to help customize a successful treatment plan to keep them away.


Selecting the right products to ensure successful results.


Application of Larvacide or Adulticide.

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With around 23 mosquito species carrying the Zika virus in Georgia, it is also home to 63 species of mosquitoes. How many are lurking on your property right now?

Things you can do in addition to PureDefense’s mosquito service:

  • Looking for and eliminating standing water on your property regularly.
  • Removing any items around the yard that can accumulate water such as toys, plastic tarps, soda cans, or other garbage. Remember, mosquitoes need only the amount contained in a bottle cap to reproduce.
  • Leaf piles, wood piles, tree holes, saucer under potted plants, birdbaths, wheelbarrows, watering cans/buckets, kiddie pools, old tires, clogged rain gutters, etc.
  • Keeping gutters free from leaves and debris.
  • Correcting any drainage issues.
  • Since mosquitoes are weak fliers, consider placing a fan on porch areas to create a constant air flow.