Initial Intensive Pest Control System—Interior/Exterior
Home Pest Flush-Out Treatment In this one-time visit, we inspect the exterior of your home, de-web, clean and treat splashguards, downspouts, water meter, windows, crawl space and garage, and treat the interior baseboards of your building. This is designed to get rid of the pests you have—the next treatment is to keep them from coming back!

Regular Treatment Plan

The first Regular Treatment is performed one month after the Initial Intensive Pest Flush-Out. This is an exterior treatment and is designed to eliminate persistent pests, break the egg cycle and establish a protective barrier against new pests. From this point on, all Regular Treatments will be done every other month. These are exterior treatments to maintain that protective barrier around your home and do not require that you be home. If you need interior service at this time, we provide this at no charge.