We researched high and low for the best termite protection and came up with two great choices:

Advance bait and monitoring system and TermidorTM liquid technology.
Termites cause more home damage each year than all natural disasters and fires combined! Schedule an inspection with Pure Defense. If you have termites, we will get rid of them and keep them from coming back. If you don’t, then we take action to make sure it stays that way. Either way, regular check-ups will keep your home termite free!

Termite and Pest Combo Service
We are proud to offer a combination of our Pest and Termite Protection Combo Service in a single low monthly payment. For Termite Protection, you can choose from two options: Advance Termite Bait System, providing superior technology and ECO friendly performance, or TermidorTM Termite Defense, providing a continuous protection barrier around your home. Since all homes are different, your Pure Defense Technician is trained to help you decide on best product is for you. The Pest portion of this combo service is our signature Pure Defense Pest Solution Plan.